Your dog’s wellbeing is our concern and your responsibility!

That said, we know how easy it is to forget the odd deworming tablet or annual vaccine…

Central Bark School, under the advisement of veterinarian, Narousha Baldeo, has devised an in-house wellness programme specifically for dogs that are in a social environment.  All daycare dogs will receive monthly deworming at daycare as well as  flea & tick prevention medication every three months.

Our vet can also assist with annual vaccinations (including kennel cough) which will also be administered at daycare.

We have negotiated preferential pricing for all of the above and relevant charges will appear on your monthly bill.

If you would prefer to handle part or all of your dog’s disease management programme then you need to send an email to: saying as much AND send proof of deworming etc. to Central Bark School every three months.