We can’t wait to welcome your fur baby to Central Bark School!

Please note that all dogs that attend daycare need to be fixed by 6 months of age.


    We take the responsibility of caring for your fur baby VERY seriously. Kindly fill in the information below and click submit button.

    Please note that each and every dog requires a booking form

    Dog Gender


    Is your dog microchipped? YESNO
    If YES, please provide microchip details:

    Digging: YESNO
    Barking: YESNO
    Begging: YESNO
    Chewing: YESNO
    Separation Anxiety: YESNO
    Inappropriate Elimination: YESNO
    Chasing: YESNO
    Jumping: YESNO
    Biting: YESNO
    Aggression: YESNO
    Please note that we only require this information so that we are well prepared - it’s not for rejection purposes!

    Has your dog had any formal training? YESNO

    Is your dog comfortable on a lead?YESNO

    Is there anything else that you feel Central Bark School needs to know? YESNO

    Would you like to have a trial day before sending your dog to Central Bark School? YESNO

    Does your dog have any health problems? YESNO

    Does your dog have pet insurance (circle applicable option)? YESNO

    Do you require collection & drop off? (Please note that transport costs apply) YESNO

    Which days will your dog attend the daycare? MonTueWedThuFri

    Alternatively, download the pdf file, fill it in and send it to:

    Email: admin@centralbarksa.co.za

    Central Bark School Booking Form